Transmission / behaviour

The etiology of many disorders including age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease is still poorly understood. Fast neurotransmission and slower neuromodulation play major roles in synaptic plasticity underlying cognitive functions.

The involvement of synaptic proteins in a spectrum of major brain diseases (synaptopathies) including neurodegenerative diseases and affective disorders is increasingly evident.

Key objective
Therefore the key objective of this Research Team is to study the consequence of interference with potential key molecules and adaptor proteins involved in regulation of synaptic function for cognitive function and autonomic regulation.

Team 5.1 Student: Torben Hager / Supervisor: Dr. Oliver Stiedl
Team 5.2 Students: Tiberiu Stan / Supervisor: Dr. Per Svenningsson
Team 5.3 Student: Suriya Navaneetha Manivannan / Supervisor: Dr. Christian Gutzen