The finale

In less than two week’s time, the final BrainTrain meeting will take place in Yokohama, Japan (coinciding with the BrainTrain conference we have organised). It’s been almost 3 years since the very first BrainTrain meeting in Amsterdam, and as cliché as it sounds, yes it does seem like it was only yesterday. Though I’m sure we’ve all grown and matured in our own ways during our journey.

I’m forever grateful to have been able to be part of BrainTrain. I don’t think there are many programs out there that can rival what I’ve been part of. I say this with respect to the networking opportunities I’ve been given, the unique experience of being able take part in workshops and visit prestigious research institutes around Europe, and the opportunity to work with world class scientists from around the world. Heck, I could also work in Italy for 2 months.

I’ve learned so much in these three years and benefited from the interdisciplinary nature of BrainTrain, i.e. from genes to behaviour. Sure, there were the innate problems that plague interdisciplinary consortia (and interdisciplinary sciences), but the advantages we could benefit from far outweighed the disadvantages. I’ve built good friendships with my colleagues in BrainTrain, and while our final meeting is looming, I know that this is in no way the end of our relationship. And I’m sure in the future, we will bump into each other (at meetings, conferences, or the local pub) and remind each other of the fond memories we had during our time with BrainTrain.

But for now, see you guys and gals very soon in Japan.


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